Custom art on vehicles, motorbikes and accessories, has always been a hobby for discerning artists. They have painted many a ‘Hot Rod’ with the ever popular ‘Flames’, ‘Women’s bodies’ or parts thereof, Eagles, Skeletons and much more, for many years.

Some Television shows such as, ‘Pimp My Ride’, ‘West Coast Choppers’ and ‘Overhaulin’, to name a few, have added to the popularity of ‘airbrushing art’ on vehicles, bikes, helmets and the individuals tool boxes, compressors etc

Body Art

Body art has become a very popular ‘airbrushing art’ over the past few years. Painting and airbrushing a persons’ body into a fantastic temporary living art work is an increasing trend.

Body painting can include a ‘tan’ sprayed on for those with soft delicate light skins to help combat the harsh summer suns’ rays or even a mural to advertise the company you work for.

Airbrushing fine detail onto fingernails is also another medium used to show ‘airbrushing’ versatility.


Taxidermy is a massive wildlife adventure and hobby to many thousands of enthusiasts worldwide.

A large amount of taxidermists use the ‘airbrush’ for fine detailing and accuracy in the finishing of their wildlife animals, fish, birds and reptiles.

In some of the tanning processes for mounting, there can be a loss of colour, that will need to be restored. Airbrushing small beaks, eyes, feet and sometimes fur or hair can make a mount more realistic and complete. The eye for infinite detail is extremely important to the taxidermist.

Food Decoration

Although not that well known an art, airbrushing of petite icing flowers or even huge tiered cakes can be individualised by the artists’ impressions. This could be from a mural or just a touch or hint of colour. Everything can be airbrushed from the flowers of the bridal party to favourite items, places, people or even favourite comic characters. There are some individual cake shops around that will do these specialties. (30 July- 2nd August 2009) Auckland


Scale model makers like to finish the detailing of their work with an airbrush. The reason for this is the small size of the models and the precision of the airbrush that can produce tiny dots and hair line sprays, make for a smooth finish. Some prefer the simplicity of a ‘single action’ airbrush while others like the freedom of the ‘double action’. Painting on scale models with acrylic paints and thinners and lacquers require the artist to be very diligent in the cleaning process of their airbrush.

For ceramic users the artist using an airbrush can make the paint flow generating many unusual effects after the pottery is fired.

Art & Illustration

Airbrushing takes the artists imagination into creating anything from portraits painted on a canvas or fabric materials, to photographic restorations, designs or paintings for pleasure. Although ‘photographic colouring or restoration work’ has been taken over by the world of IT there are still artists using their airbrushes to do this art form. It really is a personal preference for each individual.

Using ‘airbrushing’ on canvas, murals or designs on fabric, can be rewarding as an artistic option. It is not uncommon for some landscape artists to blend a background before painting their picture. Because ‘airbrushing’ can give soft sprays, it lends itself to this type of illustrations.