Olaus C Wold was a true pioneering man of the 20th century. He was a Norwegian immigrant to the United States of America and his engineering prowess has not been surpassed. In the 1890’s he designed and created templates for the modern airbrush as we know it.

WOLD worked and designed for other companies before going out on his own. In the early 1900s he formed the WOLD AIRBRUSH MANUFACTURING COMPANY in Chicago, Illinois, USA, until the company ceased business over 80 years later. It is through his wonderful foresight, engineering designs and our passion that we now bring back the famous ‘WOLD’ airbrushes.

They are still as reliable, accurate and precise with simplicity of use and care as they ever were. All artists of every spectrum can enjoy the delight of using any of these airbrushes, just as Olaus C Wold had intended.