Wold A1 Airbrush

The WOLD A1 double action Airbrush comes with a ‘new’ side feed screw lidded cup. This airbrush was one of the ‘first airbrushes produced’ for Olaus Wold in the early 1900’s. This WOLD A1 airbrush is an ideal ‘all-round’ airbrush and is capable of producing graduations from fine hair-lines and pin dots to wider sprays. It is perfect for cake decorators, portrait artists, hobbyists and model makers.

It is turned from the finest quality brass - then nickel plated, polished and then chrome plated for durability and strength. The needle is made from stainless steel and has a 4 degree taper, to complement the 0.5mm tip.

The new double action WOLD A1 Airbrush comes complete with a protective cap in its own box, a 1oz (30ml) side feed cup with lid, a 6’ (1.8mt) hose set complete with couplings( standard ¼ fitting for any compressor) a desk holder, a comprehensive instruction book plus a two year guarantee.

N.B: All WOLD ‘A’ Series parts are interchangeable with the any other ‘A’ Series airbrushes produced since 1899. An air supply is needed to work your airbrush

$260.00 NZD (excl GST)